Important Blogging Tips Every Blogger Must Know


The internet of things has floated new opportunities for people around the globe, beside the much hyped issue of revolutionizing the way people communicate. Blogging has emerged as one of the key beneficiaries of this trend, but blogging is not food for all and only the talent can make a fortune from this practice. Setting up and maintaining a blog is a pretty simple issue, but churning out creative. Informative and highly infectious blogs that can keep users salivating for the next post is not obvious to the faint hearted, web browsers surfing the web are not looking for the publicly, available and boring information to waste time, they need something experts. So then, if you are planning to set up a blog, or you are a blogger looking for ways to inject life into your loved hobby, then here are the important blogging tips that would help you turn your fortunes around.

  • Curve out a niche – It’s just pretty simple, we have our best interests and sectors in which we excel, not everything sells! Is it soccer that you love, fashion, politics or travel? It boils down to you, for whatever you love and practice is what you can do best, so curve out a niche for yourself and sell yourself as an expert in that. You could also be a professional in some field or a consultant for that matter, let your experience be your blog. Hitting the keyboard with random topics is dead bad, so specialize!
  • Let content define your style – Readers are not looking for the publicly available knowledge that is obvious, neither are they looking out to read rumors in the place of facts. Go down and research, be creative and radical – give opinions and facts that will make people stand and listen and re-read your blog again. Be creative in your style, because no one wants to read long and boring pieces, they could just have turned to text books, or a journal for that matter. Blogs have to be creative, informative and above all elucidate some kind of expertise wit that will define your style.
  • Bad English is not good for you – is you are publishing posts laced with incomprehensible grammar mistakes, poor sentence structure and countless typos then I better say you committing suicide. Tailor your blogs to the level that every reader can understand, use simple language and include some fun, because readers want you to tickle their emotions from time to time. Know where to place those punctuation marks; a question mark cannot substitute a comma for that matter.
  • Regular updates will keep your users waiting – Do not write one charming blog and go underground for a year, the internet will forget about you. Instead get in the habit of making regular updates, whether weekly, monthly or so. Once you have established a regular plan your readers will keep checking in, aware that they expect something after every few days. And if possible allows them to comment through a discussion forum, allowing you to engage them more proactively and understand their need better.
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Want to Make Some Money Online go for Affiliate Marketing

Start using the internet to make money if you would like to see money pouring into your bank account. An easy way to make money on the internet is by affiliate marketing. Basically, affiliate marketing is making money through commission by promoting the products already made by other people. There are some steps you need to follow if you want to make money through affiliate marketing; create a website, select the products you want to promote, and contact companies to register yourself as an affiliate marketer.

Select products for promotion:  Carefully select the products you are going to promote through affiliate marketing.  Hundreds of products are promoted and sold online. The production companies have realized that the next segment of customers are going to come from the internet.  There are hundreds and thousands of companies all over world, selling myriade of products and it is not easy for a person to plough through them and select one that is suitable for promotion. Go for a niche product, e.g. under electronic items pick up the one that is very popular and selling like hot cakes, maybe the latest smart phone or tablet, everyone is eager to possess and you are assured of a lot of hits if you select one for affiliate marketing. Again, look for an organization that gives you good commissions for your efforts; what is the point in promoting a product if you get peanuts as a commission.  After selecting a suitable product, contact the organization and register for affiliate marketing of their products.

Create a website: Now you are ready to create a website; it is easy to create your own website.  A quick search on the internet and you will find hundred of website builders that would help you to create your own website without charging any fee. However, before jumping on you need to make some decisions.

  • The theme: The website builder will give you ready made templates, but you need to select a suitable theme that attracts both prospective customers and just-click-for-information type of audience. If the viewer is hooked then it is easy to turn a casual visitor into a prospective customer and eventually a buyer. After you select a theme, think about the contents. If you are going to promote products, use key words that are related to the products.  The next step in this process is presentation it helps if you keep your website simple with key words displayed prominently.
  • Simplicity is the best way to succeed: Keep it simple in the beginning, you can go overboard with complex plug ins once the money starts rolling in.
  • Register the website domain in your name: You can register it for a nominal sum of money with a hosting website service provider who would allot you space for storage in his server.

You are now ready to do business, with a newly created website, storage space assured and affiliate marketing registrations under your belt. The money will not come rolling in as soon as you set up your business online, but eventually it will come in droves if you work hard.

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How to Start A Blog in 4 Easy Steps

blogIf you don’t have a blog yet, you are missing out! A blog can be a great tool to grow both personally and professionally. For instance:

  • You can make money with your blog: As soon as your blog starts to grow, you’ll be able to make money by displaying advertising or by selling products. There are many people who use a blog to supplement their income, and some even make a full-time income with it!
  • You can network with your blog: Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, demonstrate your expertise, and consequently to network with like-minded people.
  • You can promote your business with your blog: If you have a business, you can certainly use your blog to promote it and to generate more leads and get more customers. Blogs are great marketing tools.

The cool thing is that starting a blog is very easy these days. You’ll just need to follow 4 very easy steps, as described below:

1. Choose a topic and domain name

The first step is to choose a topic for your blog. Ideally you want to choose a topic that is not too wide (e.g.,cars), because you would face too much competition there, and not too narrow either (e.g., Mustangs of the 80s) because there wouldn’t be too many people interested in that. Choosing a niche in the middle (e.g., muscle cars or luxury cars) is usually a recipe for success.

Once you have decided the topic, you’ll need to brainstorm some domain names. My recommendation is to choose a domain with as few words as possible, that describes your topic and is easy to remember., for instance, is a bad domain because it’s too long. is a bad domain because it doesn’t describe the topic of the, on the other hand, is good domain because is short and descriptive.

You can use the widget below to verify if your domain ideas are available or not. You’ll probably need to spend a while before you find a good domain that is available. Important: there’s no need to buy the domain at this point. On the next step I’ll recommend a hosting plan that will give you the domain for free.

Notice that while the .com extension is the most popular one, .org and .net are also quite popular and therefore could be used for your domain if you can’t find a nice .com domain.

2. Get a web hosting company

Now you need to get a hosting company. You pay a monthly fee in order to host your site files on the company servers, and that is what keeps your site online. Choosing a good hosting company is vital for the success of your blog, as the hosting plan will directly affect the loading speed of your site and consequently your users experience.


I recommend Bluehost, as it’s one of the largest and best hosting companies around. Their plans are customized for WordPress users (the software you’ll be using on your blog), and are quite affordable. Click here to get the basic plan for just $3.49/month(50% discount over regular price).

3. Install WordPress and choose a template

When it comes to blog software, WordPress is pretty much the default choice. It powers over 70% of all blogs around the world, and some mainstream websites too!

Bluehost users have the benefit of being able to install WordPress with just a few clicks. First, log into your hosting account (you should have received the login details via email). Inside the Bluehost dashboard, locate the “Mojo Marketplace” section.


Click on “One-Click Installs,” and then click on “WordPress.” Follow the steps until WordPress is installed.

Now you need to customize the look of your site, and you can do that by choosing a different WordPress theme (a template). Log into WordPress (again, you will receive the login details via email) then go to “Appearance > Themes.” There you’ll be able to select a template that you like.

4. Start publishing content and promoting

That is it! Now you will just need to start writing your posts and publishing them on your blog.

If you want to grow and blog and make it popular over time, you need to focus on two things: content and links.

Content means publishing high quality posts on your blog regularly. For instance, you could start by publishing 3 articles every week.

Links means getting your blog mentioned on other sites and blogs. The more links you have pointing to your blog, the more authority it will have on Google’s eyes, and consequently the larger the amount of visitors that Google will send your way via its search engine.

We have published hundreds of posts explaining how you can promote, grow and monetize your blog. Just check thePromotion, SEO and Monetize categories on the sidebar, for instance.

Good luck!

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A Step by Step Guide to Creating a Blog and Making Money from it

Basic Background Information on Blogs and Making Money

There is a lot to know when it comes to blogs and making money such as the simple fact of how you can make money while writing a blog. Not many people know about this or even how to do it but believe it or not it is a vastly growing trend that more and more consumers are taking an interest in to just make some extra cash to get by in life and what not. Starting a blog is great for those who love to be hands on and in charge of their own life; you can post what you want to talk about it and nothing else. This is an aspect that people use to let their voice be heard and their opinions stated.

With that being said there are hundreds and hundreds of different blogs out there, some are funny, some are educational and more; all of the blogs are meant to help consumers with little tasks from everyday life to dealing with something major like moving or changing a water pipe, etc. Blogs have been created to make life easier and to help others. In retrospect it is great to have so many options to turn to when in a bind or trying to figure out what to do but there is the other side of where it can be hard to know what is right and what is wrong.

Starting a blog is a great way for people to express themselves and get stuff out there; to get started there are three main things that you need to consider or take into perspective before you begin this process.

  1. Know what the valuable resources and relevant resources are that are within the blog.
  2. Be able to navigate through what is known as the optimal study order, this way you will never get lost.
  3. Take action to complete your steps so you can reap results.

Step One:

Find a website host, set it up and create an E-mail list:

When it comes to setting up your website you need to find a host that you want to go with; compare the top hosts out there and see what you can get for what price; the more for less is better. Once you have found a host for your website you then need to create a domain name, this is also known as the URL address. You can find simple website host plans for thirty something a month all the way up to a few hundred a month for more complex and detailed plans that have a lot of extras offered with it. After you have figured your domain name out you need to create an E-mail list. An e-mail list is what you can use to send updates to do and more; consider it a newsletter of sorts for those you want to reach out to as well as those who join your website blog. It is best suggested to start a newsletter/ e-mail list on the first day of the website as well.

Step Two:

Features to learn to be a better Blog Host:

If you don’t have a set idea for your blog then seek out what there is a need for in the world and try to market an angle for that. You can easily look online for the answers that you are searching for. Be able to choose a topic and set up your website easily; only post content for the type of audience that you want to have and learn how to bring more and more traffic to your website by using an e-mail newsletter and more. Once you have your basic work done and everything is set up you can begin making money by doing several different things; find out what works best for you by trying all of the different methods out first hand. For example you can use advertising to make some money or you can use affiliate marketing as well as even selling products of your own. After you have figured out how you can make money and what you are going to do be sure to automate everything and optimize it for the best and most reliable business online.

In the End:

Overall achieve a lot with a little:

These features and aspects are designed to help consumers in more ways than one and this kind of help is something that they can take with them and use for the rest of their life. The outcomes you can expect are the ability to achieve the goals of the business that you want and more such as becoming happy and staying happy as well as becoming healthier and being able to better handle whatever life may throw your way. Just keep in mind the old saying that it takes money to make money; hence you have to pay to have a website in the first place and based on what you are making your blog about there can be costs of products or even furthering one’s’ education some. Of course enhancing your education and what not can come later on once you have been able to establish a successful blog or not.

Some examples of successful blogs from everyday people that have decided to make a major change in their include a woman who makes anywhere from four thousand to eight thousand on skin care and acne treatment information while another person is making more than one hundred thousand a month talking about cars and another person is making around fifteen thousand a month discussing tennis. Some of these people have taken the idea of a blog and turned it into something else and something more such as a career, an income, a safety blanket, and more; some hosts do video blogs and only post videos on You Tube instead of having to write a bunch of stuff out. This is because that in today’s day and age more and more people are technologically advanced and hands on so they learn better watching and trying versus reading and retaining.

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Make Your Online Marketing Business A Profitable Venture

With online business gaining popularity, many of the reputed online stores have come out with the concept of affiliate or link marketing. In this type of marketing, the online store authorizes certain individuals or business houses to help them to market the products through their personal websites. Once a person visits such authorized website and buys the product, the online store pays commission to the authorized individual or the business house. Experts call this type of business as ‘referred business’ because the authorized individual or business house only refers the customer to the online stores. The success of this type of business depends on the efficiency of the affiliate program adopted by the authorized individual or business house.

Success Depends on the Program adopted

The unique feature of this type of marketing lies in the fact the principal online store does all the ground work for the affiliate agencies. For example, the principal online store takes care of packing, shipping, customer support, answering customer queries, attending to defects and so on. The job of the affiliate is only to provide the link with the website of the principal online stores. The efficiency of the affiliate depends on the quality of affiliate program it has adopted. The program should have effective tools for management of emails, hosting attractive banners, keywords and such other utilities. The program should also provide very efficient text link like e-book and also support attractive display of write up, images, video clippings about the product and so on.

Can Secure Higher Income

Remember, every online store will have appointed several affiliates with an intention of widening their customer base. Therefore, if an affiliate wants to earn higher commission then such affiliate will have to compete with other co-affiliates. That means, the website of the affiliate will have to be placed in the first ten or at least within the first page of the popular search engines. The affiliate program adopted should be highly versatile and user friendly. The program must be capable of generating higher traffic into the affiliate’s website. Some of the online store pays affiliate commission on the basis of number of visitors making enquiries about the product. Therefore, the program must be such that the visitor must be lured to navigate through the various products marketed by the principal online stores. Remember by adopting these methods the affiliate agency can earn higher income.

Review of the Online Store

There are several agencies which provide very efficient and user friendly affiliate program. One can get such programs by searching in the affiliate directories. Most of the target official website also gives link to such programs. In the normal course, every affiliate will have to take the help of a good hosting agency in order to place their website in higher ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo as also in social networking like Face Book, Twitter and so on. This helps the affiliate to secure higher traffic and register higher performance as compared to the other co-affiliates.  Experts suggest, before taking up the job of an affiliate; one must ensure that the principal online store have a track record of prompt payments being made to their affiliates. Go through the review of the online store and one can also check with other affiliates and satisfy about the payment of commission.

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How to Make Money from Blogging

What is blogging?

Blogging is the process of making information available online so that it can be accessed by other people.

One can create blog on a particular niche and make that information available to the people.

Is there any need to learn programming?

No, there is no need to learn any programming language. With invent of CMS (Content Management System) one can easily create a blog. It is as simple as you’re writing up the title and description and making that information available to the people.

How to setup a blog?

In order to start a blog you need to have a domain and a hosting plan.

  • Domain 

The url of your website is known as domain name. It can be like ( or it can be followed by other extensions like .co, .in,, .org…). There are several domains available on the internet. On the basis of your requirement you can select a domain.

Generally, a domain name cost around $8-$10 per year.

  • Hosting 

Hosting is the process of making your website or data available on the server so that it can be accessed by the people using internet.

Generally hosting cost around $8-$10 per month.

There are several web hosting sites for this purpose like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator etc. You can choose between any of them.

  • Website Setup 

After you have purchased a domain and a hosting plan, you need to set – up your website.

With the help of CMS software it has become a simple task.

WordPress is one of the CMS site. Almost 40% of the sites available on the internet uses wordpress platform.

It is based on the simple one-click installation phenomena.

After you have successfully set-up your website all you need to install a theme with a couple of plug-ins. And, flood your website with the relevant content.

How to make money from blogging?

After you have set-up your blog, and have a descent amount of traffic on it, you can start making money from advertising, affiliate marketing, PTC sites, and you can sell your products with the help of your website.

Points to be remembered:

  • Develop unique content

While making a blog post, make sure that your content is unique and plagiarism free. This will not only gain visitors to your website but this will also help in link building.

  • Keywords

This is the most important step while making a blog post. Make sure that your content must have the required set of keywords. This will help people to crawl to your website.

  • SEO

Make sure that your content is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. This will help to rank your website higher in search engine results.

  • Engage User

Always try to engage users. Make an interactive session so that users find your website interesting and friendly to work with. You can add forums, offer prizes, so that this will maintain user interest towards your website.

So, what are you waiting for? Monetize your knowledge and start making money from it!

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Affiliate Marketing is a Perfect Source for Additional Income

Thanks to the internet, it has given you a source to make way for additional income. Interestingly, this source of income requires minimum investment. You need not have any show rooms.  All that it requires is a computer with internet connection and a build your own website. With these, you can start your new venture called the ‘Affiliate marketing’.

The Procedure

Choose an affiliate: You may wonder How to start Affiliate Marketing venture. The entire procedure is very simple. Presuming you have all the three requirements mentioned above, you must now look out for an affiliate program. There are hundreds of affiliate offers on the internet.  Choose any of the popular affiliate. Now, choose the product that you want to market on behalf of the affiliate. Visit the affiliate website and find out sales pattern over a period of two to three years. That would give you enough hints about the prospective sales in the coming year. Based on this equation, you must select the affiliate which has track record of good sales.

Commission: Now look at the commission part. You must choose an affiliate that offers you reasonable commission. As experts suggest, an affiliate offering commission on every customer you introduce would be more beneficial. Naturally, that would bring you recurring income every month.

Membership of the affiliate: Once you have shortlisted the affiliate you must take up the membership of the affiliate. The membership is normally given free of cost. Once you take up the membership, you will be given a unique ID number. This ID is the link between you and the affiliate.

Create an interesting website: Now create your own website. Make the website interesting and attractive. You can even visit website of other niche and that would give you wonderful idea about how to design your own website. Remember, you will have more visitors if your website appears interesting and attractive. That would also give you wonderful opportunity of sending the positive buyers to affiliate’s website and that would certainly boost your income. You must ensure your website has abundant clarity and make it user friendly. You must also write brief content on the products in your website. For example, if your affiliate products are toys, you must highlight the salient features of the various types of toys available. Here, content writing plays a greater role.

Target traffic to your website: Now, you should avail the services of SEOs like Google or Yahoo or such other popular search engines. Normally, these search engines operate on PPC (pay per click) advertising pattern. You can even bid for higher ranking in SEO. It is needless to mention higher SEO rankings will bring you abundant traffic and give you wonderful opportunity to convert the traffic into positive sales. Alternatively, you can even post forum messages. When such messages are sent, you may receive some queries or clarifications from the visitors. You must spend some time to answer these queries. This helps in building up the interaction and good relationship between you and the visitor. This also makes your website popular among the visitors. In fact, it would be right step in converting the visit into positive sales. Another very effective step is to post advertising on YouTube.  Now, you must ensure that your website is capable of securing a conversion rate of 5%. That means out of every 100 visitors to your website, at least 5 persons must be converted to positive sales. That would be a wonderful step to boost your commission.

The Mechanism of Affiliate Marketing

In the first place you must understand that as an affiliate marketing agency you are acting only as a distributor or a promoter of sales and get your commission. Whenever a visitor visits your website he is also connected to the website of the affiliate. When the visitor makes a purchase, the purchase is directly linked to your website and you get the commission. Some of the affiliates allow cookies. There would be several instances that a visitor to your website may click on a product but soon may cancel or postpone the purchase.  But, once he clicks on the product, a cookie or unique ID number is created by the computer linking your website with the product. After some days, the buyer may directly visit the URL and not your website and fills the cart. Even in such cases, the cookies links the sales to your website and you get the commission. This type of marketing is become more popular and more and more people are taking up this venture and have enjoyed considerable success also.


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How to Make Money from Forum

Do you want to make money online? Do you want to generate revenues ($$$).

If yes, then you’ve came at the right place.

Here at we share money making tips which will help you to make your living.

If you are already involved in Internet Marketing then you might have heard the name of warrior forum. Similarly, you might have come across several other forums like the forums related to sports, marketing, entertainment, gadgets etc.

Can we make a forum similar to that?

Yes, we can make forums similar to them. All you need is some descent amount of traffic with an engaging audience.

How to start?

It’s not too hard to develop a forum. Even if you’re having your wordpress site, you can easily make your forum and start discussion. All you need to do is ‘install some plugins like WP Forum Server’.

You can also take the help of free vendors like Proboards and Yuku who offers free forum hosting. There is no need to run a website or blog in order to run your forum.

They also offer an option to link the forum with your website with small yearly fees.

How to engage users?

Getting traffic is the most critical part of forum building.

In order to engage users you can run online contests, which may get the inactive users back to the forum.

If you still not get traffic, then you can exchange your links with the other forums/websites/blogs. Besides this you can increase your backlinks, and purchase banners and links. This will definitely increase your forum’s traffic. (If you are planning to purchase traffic then do it wisely).

How to manage your forum?

After you have created your forum, the next step involved is it’s periodic maintenance.

We know that the people who post on forums can be the children below 18 years of age, and they might use inappropriate slangs which may hurt the feelings or sentiments of another person.

So, there is always a need to keep a close eye on your forum. For this purpose we can use additional software which will help to detect inappropriate slangs and will take the relevant measures to prevent it.

We can also hire someone to manage our forums.

How to generate revenues?

After the forum has been created and properly maintained the next step involved is to generate money.

For making money from your forum, you can add ads and text links in your forums. You can use referral programs to raise your revenues.

You can also use CPC (cost per click) programs which will help you to generate revenues from your forum.

Besides this you can also promote products of others. This will help you generating extra income from your forum.

You can also launch your own products and promote them with the help of your forum.

So, what are you waiting for! Build your forum now!!!

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How to Make Money with Internet Marketing

Do you want to make money from internet?

If yes,

You have come at the right place.

We at suggest ways to make money online.

Not only this, we solve your queries for the same.

Is there any need to learn programming?

No, there is no need to learn any programming language.

All you need is the basic computer knowledge, along with a working internet connection.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing is a way of advertising someone’s products and services in order to boost up their sales. This can be done with the help of Web, and E-Mail.

Internet Marketing is used with the use of traditional techniques of marketing like advertising via television, newspaper, radio, and magazines.

Areas Involved

The following areas are involved in the field of internet marketing-

  • Web Marketing

Web Marketing involves marketing with the help of web sites; advertising on search engine; affiliate marketing. This can be done with the help of search engine Optimization (often known as SEO)

  • E-Mail Marketing

E – Mail marketing involves marketing via e – mails to the prospective customers who have subscribed for similar things. E – Mail marketing involves sending the latest news and updates to the interested group of people who will promote their sales.

  • Social Marketing

Social Marketing involves marketing with the help of social media. This involves posting the latest offers and updates on the pages, and groups which will engage people and let them purchase the products. You can also request your friends and relatives to purchase the products from your link.

How to make money with Internet Marketing?

  • In order to start making money from internet marketing you first need to create a website or blog. After you have a website or a blog, you can begin as an affiliate marketer. You can advertise someone’s products or services on your website / blog.
  • You can promote the products related to your website’s niche. People will find the product useful after seeing your website content and may purchase that product from the link provided. This will ultimately boost your earnings.
  • Don’t worry, if you’re not having a blog or website.

You can still make money online.

You can promote the products with the help of social media. Nonetheless, you can also take the help of forums to promote the products. The more people click on your link, the more money you’ll earn.

Which affiliate program should we choose?

In the world of internet, there are lots of affiliate programs. Some of them are genuine whereas others are fake.

For beginners, this may be very astonishing.

Here we have listed some of the genuine affiliate programs, which you can include in your website –

  • Google Adsense
  • Clixsense
  • Link Share
  • Amazon Associates
  • Click bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Ebay Partner Network
  • Avangate
  • Share A Sale

So, these are some of the affiliates programs which will enable you to make money online. So, what are you waiting for!!! Join them now…

And, Stay Connected for more news and updates…

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How To Make Your Startup Successful

What is start up?

Start – Ups are the newly created companies developed by the group of people in order to give wings to an idea.

Start Ups are mostly created by entrepreneur, web developer, web designer, engineers, hackers, and the enthusiastic and creative individuals/group of individuals.

How to start?

In order to start a business you must be committed towards it.

Here’re some of the points that should be considered while beginning a new start.

  • Future

When you’re beginning, you must be innovative and must think in a creative manner. What things should be like in upcoming years?

This will make you prepared for the future needs, and cope up with the upcoming problems accordingly.

  • Design a Prototype

You must have the habit of noting down all the important stuff which you have come across during the day. This will help you to culminate your ideas.

  • Ask your staff, friends, and relatives

After you have created a prototype show it to your office staff, friends, relatives, family members, and ask for its further improvement.

  • Find the investors

Next step is to find the right investors who can help to grow your business further.

  • Launch

Now, as you’re all set. Launch up your business, and make it successful with your efforts and hard work.

Frequently committed mistakes:

Here are some of the mistakes committed in the start ups –

  • Maintain a gap between your personal and professional life –

It is rightly said by someone that ‘Love shut off your thinking process.’

If you want to make your own business, then it is mandatory to maintain a gap between your personal and professional life. Otherwise you won’t be able to concentrate towards your work and this will close up the possibilities of new ideas.

  • Not listening to customers –

Some of the people running start-ups don’t listen to their customers. What are their problems? How they can improve it? This type of mentality creates a negative imprint in the minds of the customers which will make them switch to another organization.

  • Too much planning –

Some people have the mentality of planning again and again and find ways to improve their plan further. This takes up a lot of time.  Sometimes, this causes deterioration of the organization.

  • Advices –

When we do something new, we try to consult a lot of people about that. Some people give really appreciable advice whereas others try to give up advice without knowing much about that field.

We must select the one which can help us improve our business further rather than blindly following each and every advice.

  • Hiring wrong candidates –

This is the most important task which must be done carefully done otherwise it will lead to catastrophic results.

Some of the people are so much excited that they hire candidates without knowing their background, like whether they have complete knowledge regarding the field or not.

Some of the bad programmers make the product worse.

So, hiring should be done based on the set of technical knowledge. Otherwise it’ll lead to a huge loss for the company.


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