James Malinchak Shares The Three Ways Speakers And Entrepreneurs Develop Their Businesses

This advice has been around forever. I didn’t invent this or anything as it is something that I heard years back because it has existed. However, this information bears repeating since it is valuable information that never ever gets old. The adage is the fact that there are just three ways you develop a business, get more buyers, get people to buy more often, and get them to buy greater amounts.

To get more buyers, you have to have a plan of action. You have to have a strategy. Additionally, you have to know who your buyers are as far as the things they’re doing and just what they desire. Furthermore, you need to know how you can reach your buyers. You need to learn where they live, where they shop, where they market, where they congregate, as well as where they invest. Speaking of investing, one of the greatest things to be aware of would be to stop using the word buy and buyers. Begin using better words such as invest and investors. When you start using positive terminology, you start thinking positively, which makes clients as well as potential investors to think positively.

Once you begin attracting the correct clientele who invests in your products, you have to come up with strategies to keep them loyal to you. In order to keep them investing, you have to consider providing supplemental items that add to their current product. In addition to supplemental products, you have to consider what are other add on bonuses that they cannot do without investing in this for their business. Continuity may be the way to keep them investing all year round. Examples of continuity are monthly or annual subscriber series that automatically renew to keep them engaged in a certain product or audio series.

The third method to increase your clients are to have them invest in larger packages. There are various ways of creating larger packages. One of the ways would be to create all inclusive packages which include consulting personally, consulting on the phone, and other products or time with you they cannot have any other way but to purchase the all-inclusive product. Additionally, whenever you produce a package that gives them so much more for the money, they can’t resist it. Include with these packages inclusion inside a group, mastermind, or a special membership combined with an excellent discount for a one-time fee, and your larger packages will fill quicker.

Of course, this information is a very brief summary of all the tips and services that I discuss in detail in my boot camps, seminars, and training programs. Attempting to do any of these with no clear plan and a clear idea of your work along the way can produce complications. Therefore, always make sure you have researched all you can, and invest in a coaching program so that you start out right with the best skillset and advice you can.

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James Malinchak Unveils The Customer Is Not Always Right

Time to be shocked! I might be the only one who informs you the truth about your customers. That truth is that the customer may not always be right. The truth is, it is likely there are times your customer is wrong. Therefore, I’m going to share a message for you that will completely liberate you from stress and worry. I am aware that this advice is shocking, but you’ve got to cut loose the customers that insist they’re right when they are wrong. Why? They are going to say that your advice didn’t work. Yeah, it did not work because they were not willing to do what you said to do to better their business.

I used to worry that people didn’t listen. It bothered me more than them that they weren’t being more successful. However, I finally realized that some people weren’t going to do what I said no matter what I suggested. For a while, I’d fight them on it. I would attempt to convince them I was right and that they should do what I said. Then, I came to a point where I said, “Okay. If you are willing to invest thousands of dollars to hear me give advice, then not use it, who am I to fuss over it anymore.” I gave the value to them; they are the ones that choose not to use it or choose not to do anything with it.

Additionally, I realized that it is not the truth that the customer is always right. As a matter of fact, some customers aren’t just very wrong; they are nothing but shit-disturbers meaning they are constantly looking to stir up chaos. In this case scenario, there are 4 words to remember when working with them, cut them loose fast. These people are not worth your valuable time. Rather, they incur additional cost because they require more of your time and energy. Also, they irritate all of your clients or audience members in focusing all of their time on trying to be right, so cut ‘em loose fast!

Therefore, I’ve created my very own rule. My rule is that I do not, under any circumstances, work with anybody who irritates me or wastes my time. Life is too short. I’m serious. It’s not about them and me; it is about me and me. With regards to your business, it’s about you and you! Start looking at life from your standpoint and determine who’s wasting your most valuable commodity – your time!

Sometimes we get somebody questioning, “But yeah, but you know, you should do it this way.

You need to do it that way.” I say, “I’m sorry. That’s not the way we do things. We’d love to work with you, but that’s not our policy in the way we do things. If you can’t match how we’ve been doing it successfully for years then, no problem, we can just work with different people.” Again, my rule is when people are irritating or if they are shit-disturbers by acting mean and rude to me, my staff, or my clients or audience, I’ll go so far as to not permit them to buy a product or ever come to the seminar again. I value what I’m doing, and our time is too valuable. I’m not going to work with anyone who has that behavior. That is our rule.

James Malinchak, Showcased on ABC’s Hit TV Program Secret Millionaire, is known as by many people professionals as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Free Video Trainings regarding how to get paid to speak and ways to be a motivational speaker, try internet and learn more.

James Malinchak Gives Advice To Repel More People Then You Attract To Improve Business

When I suggest that you need to repel more people than you attract in order to increase your business I might shock you. I realize that this advice is totally different from the way a lot of people teach you to operate a business. Most people tell you to attract anyone you can and say that everybody is your customer. However, I have found out that it is bad advice to take anybody and everyone. Do not assume everyone is a potential client. I’m saying from personal experience that you need to be selective with whom you allow in your organization and with whom you choose to consult. I realized the hard way that you want to repel more people than you attract.

I’m so passionate about this that you may not realize there are things I say things during my presentations intentionally repelling people away from the offer. Let’s say I am speaking somewhere, and I want to invite people in the audience to come to my seminar. Although I am making an offering for people to come to the back of the room and invest in my package offer, I’m purposefully eliminating particular people that I don’t want to attend my events. At first glance this might offend you, however, once you understand my reasoning, you’ll adopt this skill for yourself.

I’m not doing this because they are not nice people, but if I’m correct about what I’m repelling, we’re just not a good match for one another. In fact, our relationship might cause more harm than good to my business and their businesses. Let me give you an example. I’m very clear in my talks that I will not stand for whiners or complainers. Remarkably, those people hear me call them out without me directly pointing at them and without me even knowing who they are in the audience. When they hear me say, “If this is you, then this boot camp, product, or service is not for you, the whiners and complainers recognize themselves in the message and do not sign up.”

The fact that the people I do not want at the boot camp self-select themselves as unwelcome is a reliever for me and them. They are only going to be frustrated and mad when I remove them from my program or boot camp because I will not tolerate certain negative behavior around me and my team. Not only do I do this for myself and my team, but I do this for my clients and potential clients in the audience. I protect them from the neigh-sayers that have the sole purpose of bringing other people down with them.

I just don’t want them at my boot camp messing with the event and disturbing my clients, so I say certain things. There are those that I know for sure who are what I call ‘shit-disturbers.’ I don’t want them around me, my team, or my clients. I will, when I’m talking about a principle, reveal that I prefer to repel more people than I attract. I may even go so far to stand behind these trouble makers and tap them on the back just to let them know that it’s them. Now don’t assume I do that to everybody who’s a trouble maker. I might pick someone I like to be the example if I have not identified one of the troublemakers, yet. When it comes to calling them out subtlety, it all depends what I’m saying. Now, I do not do it to be mean or anything like that directly. It is a fact that I am not a good fit for them, and they are not a good fit for me. No problem. They should go learn from somebody else.

I only want people like you to show up. That’s the reason why I talk like I talk and why the webpages at my site are written in a particular way, so you know what we’re going to talk about in my boot camp. We’re going to talk money. We’re going to talk about business. We are going to talk blunt and no nonsense. We’re not going to hold hands and sing and wish things to manifest to fly in the window. Nothing against that; however, that is not what my seminars are going to be like now or in the future. Therefore, I choose to repel more people than I attract. I just want to attract people who would like to come and learn this stuff because this is what I’m most passionate about teaching.

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James Malinchak Discloses How Deciding On A Niche Could Limit Your Speaking Opportunities

It’s a well-known fact that some topics aren’t considered favorably with regards to speaking opportunities for various organizations. That’s the reason why you need to get over the criticism and limitations of what other people in the industry might say about you. As sure as I speak about money, I can promise you right now, there are event planners and other speakers in particular speaker groups bashing me and my topics of choice. If you’re wondering why, it is because I reveal the secrets of setting fees to generate income in this industry. When I speak about making money and how to avoid wasting money in the speaking world, I tend to ruffle some feathers.

Due to this conflict, I won’t speak for certain speaker associations. For whatever reason, they limit me by not allowing me to speak about the money behind speaking. In response, I say things like, “Well, I find that disturbing that you won’t let me tell people how to set a fee and how to make a profit with their speaking career. I do not understand that limitation. To me, that thought process is just absurd.” It is just crazy. Due to their rules, I will not speak for them even if they want me by asking me to pick another topic, and they will not let me talk about the subject of my choice.

In my opinion, the sole answer to this dilemma is to refuse to speak for them. I don’t care if I’m limiting my opportunities as it goes against my convictions. It’s not within my reason to limit the provision of valuable information to people who would like to get ahead in life. To be truthful to my very own values, I won’t comply with making a topic change because in doing so, I’m doing the people a disservice by not speaking with them honestly about this instrumental stuff in the speaking industry.

Making the decision to speak on what you want can be difficult at times, and at other times, it will make the most sense to you even if it does not make sense to others. You have to do what is right for you. While you may limit your speaking opportunities, the limitation of the organizations you speak for will be the right thing to do in most cases. Needless to say, if you’re being adamant that you’ll only talk about one topic let’s say fairies in the woods, you might be limiting yourself too much as only so many organizations are going to want that topic.

However, if it’s your personal conviction that it’s not ok to avoid talking about that topic in order to make an organization happy, then do what you need to including refusing to speak. Your business is about operating things your way that fit you and your life. It is not about making other organizations happy by fulfilling their peculiarities and fulfilling their limitations. It may cause you to lose some speaking gigs, but you will never lose respect for yourself and your beliefs.

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James Malinchak’s The Top Reason Speakers Have To Keep Control Of Their Schedules

There are way too many times I hear speakers who say they feel forced in to a position to say yes. They say yes to a boot camp at a geographical venue where they’re not even interested in speaking. You’re probably wondering what compels them to take on a project in a city or location where they’re not even interested in speaking. For these speakers, the compelling reason they succumb to undue pressure from a few would-be fans is the comments these people make about future attendance to boot camps. These potential fans and followers say things like, “Man, I would love to come to your seminar when you do one on the East Coast.” With the potential of interested clientele, a speaker will probably make the decision to conduct the boot camp without financial obligation and without personal conviction to speak there at the event.

Making the financial decision about holding a boot camp in a place based on attendance promises of interested parties when you are not even interested in being in that particular city is a sacrifice not worth the risk. Personally, if I were to cave to the pressure, I’d have had a boot camp on the East Coast years ago because people ask me all the time. These would-be fans make conditional comments using the promise of attendance if I host a boot camp in their location. Well, I know better than to be high jacked from my preferred locations based upon supposed promises to attend.

Frankly, it comes to personal choice as well as self-confidence to stand up for your own decisions. I’m suggesting you don’t let other people control your schedule, particularly people who are already not invested in you or your programs. Be reasonable, people always say what they want and what they ‘think’ they’ll do, however, promised interest and actual attendance could be easily tracked. Honestly, you will likely be disappointed every time. You are the only one who can determine your boot camp schedule and location, therefore, hold true to your own interests.

When people pressure me, I say in response, “Well, you’re going to be waiting a long time.” The reason I don’t want to speak on the East Coast has nothing to do with the East Coast. The reason is simple. Simply put, I don’t want to have to ship my team and all my stuff clear nationwide. I do not want the worry and undue stress of the move. Additionally, if I make that decision I am letting the business run me instead of me running the business around my chosen and preferred lifestyle. You need to make the choice to be true to yourself.

If I conform to what other people want for my business, I may as well give them a title and a paycheck because they’re running my business! That’s not to say I wouldn’t consider having a boot camp elsewhere if I wanted to have a boot camp cross country. That’s not to say if I stood to make a huge profit and increase my customer base that I wouldn’t consider it. I’m saying that whatever the reason, for my lifestyle and my own personal reasons, my time and boot camp locations are based on what I have decided. I control my business and my schedule, and for now I’ve got no interest in holding my boot camps anywhere but the West Coast. At this time, I am not interested in the move with the entire boot camp. I reason, if they’re true fans and if they seek my wisdom, they could come up with the investment for a measly plane ticket.

James Malinchak, Showcased on ABC’s Hit Tv Show Secret Millionaire, is regarded as by many people professionals as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Totally free Video Trainings regarding how to receive money to speak and the way to turn into a speaker coaching, try this one and learn more.

James Malinchak Shuns Email Calls It The Biggest Time Waster For Entrepreneurs

Email at first was an amazing tool for speakers and business entrepreneurs. If you needed something, you sent a request in a quick email. Then, everybody caught on to email, and the next thing you know your email is overflowing with messages and comments of which you could care less. Your email filling up causes you to feel you have to respond to it with some type of urgency. Then, you begin getting junk email and frivolous requests. Additionally, people email just enough information that you are forced to play email tag that just wastes even more time.

Here’s an example of email tag:

To James: Hey James, I need to schedule a coaching call with you. Bob

To Bob: Ok Bob, when are your free this week? James

To James: James, I’m free Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Bob

To Bob: Great Bob, Wednesday at 2pm is good. James

To James: Oh no James, I cannot do 2pm on Wednesday, how about 4pm Thursday? Bob

You get the drift from this email conversation that it takes a great deal of time to open the email, draft an email, send the email, and repeat just to knock out this information that requires a calendar. Rather, a quick call would have resolved the time and date. Overall, in the time we fussed around emailing back and forth, we could have probably finished the whole call for information. Therefore, you need to limit your email content. Start deleting the email you don’t want and purge it out of your files.

In order to be free of email, hire a virtual assistant to read your email for you. By giving them the scope of what to look for and what to weed out, you can have them eliminate a bunch of unwelcome advertisements and unwelcome correspondence. Furthermore, they can sort out the important correspondence. Personally, I would rather you send me a hand written card or drop me a phone call, then send me an email that you did not invest any time in writing. It makes me feel as if I was an afterthought to connect with me, rather than a real effort. When I want to reach somebody, I call them or I personally write everybody. I address something on all of the envelopes, and I write all of the thank you cards. It’s that important to me!

Every now and then, I get somebody including platinum clients who say, “Hey, could I send you an email?” I replied, “Not if you would like an answer.” That was probably the most liberating things I ever did for myself and my business. Get off email! I had a coaching member I said to her, “Get off email.” I kid you not, she saved almost 4 hours each day. If you could save four hours a day just consider all the things that you could achieve in a day. You can write your book, mail out a 1,000 brochures, conduct 4 teleseminars, etc.

In four hours, you could write that presentation you have been meaning to create. You can put your coaching program together. You can do it all since you gave up email. I find it funny that people get upset that I do not email. I do not care. Go ahead; get upset. It doesn’t matter to me. It fits me, my life, and my business. Therefore, I am not going to do it as I think the email is the biggest waste of time!

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James Malinchak’s The Top 8 Reasons Why People Don’t Make It In Businesses Part 5 Of 5

By the way, I do not know if you know or not, but I was not in The Secret. I like The Secret. My friend, mentor, and client Jack Canfield was in The Secret. I appreciate his work; I really do. I like the fact that positive belief brings more positive to people. You are right that it has a positive mindset. However, do you want me to tell you what I actually think? I think The Secret hurt more people than helped more people. Why? I think it hurts people because it allowed some people to accept a false awareness to what it takes to get what you want.

In The Secret, all they had to do was talk about taking action. All they needed to do was give people an idea and a plan. If the author and director of the movie had done those things, they wouldn’t have been bashed in the media. Okay? Just I think it hurt more people than help more people. Everybody say, “Pause.”

Audience: Pause.

James: Do you wish to make it in the business world? You need to have an opinion and not be scared to state your beliefs. Okay, now watch this. Everybody say, “Pause.”

Audience: Pause.

James: Would you like to see some stuff behind the stuff? As soon as I said that, I had people right here in this audience start criticizing me in their minds. I do not care. It is ok that they do not agree with me. I do not have to have them agree with me. I do not have to attempt to change their minds. Instead, watch this, I am going to move onto number eight now. It did not bother me. I’m serious; it just did not bother me. I do not care. Criticize me all you want. It does not matter to me. It is my opinion, and I am to have my opinion. It is up to you to form your own opinion.

8. Choose not to learn how to close sales.

Okay? You have to learn not to learn how to close a sale. It is not a ‘you should invest or a bartering back and forth on the investment.’ Instead you have to learn ethical influence. You got to learn how to include the influence, so they make the right choice for themselves. We will get to all these. There are ways to state things in a way that influence folks or ways that you never state things that will not influence folks. If you have good stuff and legitimate have information that will bring good to the world and change their lives, than ethical influence will assist them in making the right decisions for themselves.

James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit TV Program Secret Millionaire, is recognized as by many people professionals as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Free of charge Video Trainings concerning how to get money to speak and becoming a motivational speaker, try learn more and learn more.

James Malinchak Shares Who Really Is In Charge Of Your Entrepreneur Business

A lot of you claim to be in control of your own business, however, depending on how you answer some questions about your business; I’ll bet that many of you are NOT in charge of your own business. You’re likely offended responding, “What makes you, James Malinchak, dare to say I am not in charge of my business?” Well, if you let your employees, your partner, your family, and your customers drive your prices, your location, your times of business, and your service rules then you’re NOT in charge of your business. Everybody else who dictates what you are doing is in charge of your business.

I realize these comments might put you on the defensive, but I never claimed to be anything but honest and blunt with you. Therefore, you need to consider who is in control of the decision making processes. For instance, would you consciously let an employee tell you how to run your business? At one point, I had a coaching client who was at a consultation appointment with me in Vegas. As we talked, I mapped out this entire structure of how to lay out her memberships from one year to the next in such a way that they don’t drop off. This way would retain the clients for over three years

I will never forget what she said in response. I adore this client as she is a sweetheart, just like you want to hug her every time you are around her. I’ll never forget. She responds with a head shake and a frown, “Oh, my office manager won’t ever go for that plan.” In a gut reaction, I said, “Oh, yeah she will or she will not be your office manager for long.” With that light bulb moment switched on, she said, “Oh, I never thought about that.”

I said, “Here is how to explain it, and here is how to explain the value to that person working for you so that she gets it, and she gets onboard.” Then, I asked her, “For your business that you own who does the business really belong to?” She goes, “Me.” I said, “What do you mean she will not go for it? If this is what you want to do and since you are paying me heck of a lot of money to sit here to give you this information on the fastest way to the cash based on what I think, I promise you she would go for it, or she would go.”

From my perspective, it will take my office manager about 2 seconds to tell me that before I sent her packing to go elsewhere. People work for me. It’s my business. It is run my way. Now, if they have something to share that would benefit the business then I welcome them to share those ideas. However, a refusal to do things my way would be a boot out the door. You are the only one who should be in charge of how you run your business. It belongs to you and should fit your lifestyle.

After suggesting that employees listen or go out the door, my client called me up about two weeks later revealing, “I fired my office manager.” I said, “Great because she was not onboard.” I mean you are going back to the business to try to make it run more smoothly so that everybody benefits. You serve the customers better, and you are getting resistance from somebody that wants to blame, complain, and moan. “That’s not going to work.” Let him or her go somewhere else. If you are not in charge of your business, then make the decision fire those that think they are in charge! It’s not about being mean; it’s about you and YOUR business. It should fit you, and you should do it the way you want to do it. Employees should not and cannot forget whom they work for because it is for you.

James Malinchak, Featured on ABC’s Hit Tv Show Secret Millionaire, is recognized as by many professionals as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Free of charge Video Trainings on how to get paid to speak and the way to be a presentation skills training, try other and learn more.

James Malinchak’s The Top 8 Reasons Why People Don’t Make It In Businesses Part 2 Of 5

If you do not believe me about taking responsibility, take it from Larry Winget, the Pitbull of Personal Development who’s blunt about who’s responsible in your business. Larry Winget is funny, but he is also bitterly truthful. He has books titled something like ‘Your Kids are Your Own Damn Fault.” Therefore, you can see he doesn’t hold back. With regards to responsibility, he says, “The hardest thing you’re ever going to have to do your entire life is wake up out of bed, walk to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and say, ‘Yup. This is all my fault.’”

3. They are drama mamas.

The secret is that we should never do any of these 8 reasons in our life because they result in the drama mama situation. These people thrive on drama. They would like to create it wherever they are in life. By the way, I think some of you are going to be shocked at a number of the things I am going to talk about here regarding running a business and you think about running a business. Chances are if you find yourself in the middle of drama a lot, then you’re likely a drama mama or you attract drama mamas into your life. Cut that out or cut them out. They won’t bring good to you unless you own The Jerry Springer Show and have them on for ratings boosters!

4. They strive for perfectionism.

Perfectionism is a big reason to be held back. People who want things to be perfect are never done. Why? They are held back because it cannot ever be perfect. You can take the greatest novels ever written and find errors in them. Despite reprint after reprint, and diligence by editors, something always needs corrected. Perfectionism is a huge reason for delays on projects, proposals, book drafts, emails, etc. The perfectionist wants to say the right thing the right way, when all the person wants is the document! As we say here at James Malinchak International, ‘Good enough is good enough, so get the document out the door!”

5. They cannot handle criticism.

Criticism is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. It’s like a puzzle because if you’ve ever put a puzzle together, there are 500 pieces laying all around the table. Seemingly, you search and find 499 pieces that do fit together except for the slot you need which has fallen underneath the couch. When someone walks in the room, they don’t say, “Wow, what a magnificent puzzle, nice job on the 499 pieces!” They say, “Hey, what happened to the missing piece?”

James Malinchak, Showcased on ABC’s Hit Tv Show Secret Millionaire, is known as by many industry experts as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Absolutely free Video Trainings regarding how to get money to speak and how to be a inspirational speaker, check out http://www.millionairespeakersecrets.com/.

Getting A Successful Business Through The Help Of JT Foxx

In the business world there is little room for failure. This is why every entrepreneur has the main goal to make their business succeed. With JT Foxx as a personal business facilitator, you can achieve such a goal.

Being Successful In Every Aspect

A business is successful only when every aspect of the business is working together like a well-oiled clockwork. There can be no overshadowing of certain departments, and no disregarding of weak points. JT Foxx will tell you again and again that having a weakness in the business world is like advertising a meaty meal for ravenous predators. Other businesses might take advantage of whatever your business is weak in. Hence, you need to quickly and effectively turn that weak part into a strong one.

What Creates A Successful Business?

JT Foxx clearly outlines in his coaching lessons the main things that determine a business’ failure or success. Here are a few of them:

Balance – You need more than a single category of ideas to keep your business running smoothly. People like variation, so naturally having a variety of ideas to widen your intended audience is a good idea.

Finding out what works – Trends and opinions change with the times, and as a businessman, you need to be prepared to know what ideas will work and what will not. As JT Foxx says, the constant use of this skill will eventually cause you to be able to predict these changes and what you can do to benefit from them.

Investments that pay off – Either long-term or short-term investments, you need to make sure that whatever you decide it is worth the release of money. It will take a while but eventually you will get the hang of choosing the investments that will benefit you the most.

Independence from other businesses – While there is nothing wrong about working with other businesses, it is best to make sure that in case of any mishaps or disasters, your business will be able to stand on its own and maintain itself to the best of its abilities.

Happy employees – Employees are the ones who more often than not deal with the clients. Your clients will know if your employees are happy, and as the mood of your employees will affect their work output, it is better for everyone if they are in good moods.

Sensible planning – Plans are the vertebrae of a business. Because of their importance in managing a business, each one needs to be sorted and made with precision and care, and must be done with the very best interest of the business at heart. If there are any parts that directly affect the business in a negative aspect, said parts need to be removed and/or changed before implementing that plan.

Satisfied clients – Be it through quality, quantity, or a good service, as long as their demands are met promptly and with professionalism, the consumer is going to be happy.

An effective system – The system of a business have to be simple, effective, easy to follow, and easy to implement. Unnecessary complications can waste both money and time.

Making Sure That You Stay Successful

The secret to maintaining a business’ success, as JT Foxx can tell you, is to keep up with the times and let the business progress in accordance with the time.

JT Foxx from view is here to grant and assist you because together, we have been the difference in each other’s success. Take a look at JTFoxx from image source if you’re ready to join me in this fight to differentiate yourself from an ever-changing market economy.