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18 November 2013 One Comment

Lançamento do edital do Programa Start-Up BrasilAccording to a 2012 study from the Kauffman Foundation, Arizona has the highest level of entrepreneurial activity of any state in the United States: 520 out of every 100,000 adults in the state started their own business in the year leading up to the study, putting Arizona well ahead of the national average of 320 out of 100,000.

According to Jason Hope of Scottsdale, Arizona, several different factors are behind Arizona’s status as a startup hotbed.

“In Arizona, what we’re seeing right now is a unique combination of a highly educated, technically savvy workforce, and a very business-friendly state government,” said Jason Hope. “It’s really no surprise to see this level of entrepreneurial activity in Arizona when you stop to look at those factors.”

With such an active entrepreneurial scene in the state, it’s easy to find Arizona startups that are doing innovative, creative work with technology and changing our lives for the better. This article will take a brief look at some of the most successful tech startups operating in Arizona today.


Backpage.com is a free online classifieds page that allows users to post ads in over 300 metropolitan areas in the United States and internationally. The company maintains relationships with local media outlets in every city it operates in, helping to drive new visitors to its ads every day. The site is also constantly working to develop new features to fight fraud and make the online classifieds experience safer. The company is located in Phoenix.

Infusion Software

Based in Gilbert, Infusion Software is a software-as-a-service provider that provides marketing automation services for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Infusion’s product offerings include inventory, e-commerce, invoicing, and billing tools for accounts payables, payroll, and financial statements. The company’s customers include Internet marketers, consultants, healthcare providers, real estate professionals, and consumer product companies.


Arizona has emerged as a leader in the area of cybersecurity, and one of the biggest names in the industry is Tempe-based LifeLock. The company provides identity theft protection services, detecting fraudulent applications for credit and non-credit services. This detection service allows LifeLock customers to quickly respond to instances of identity theft, helping them protect their wallet and their reputation.


EmpowHER.com is a health portal aimed specifically at women. The website, which is visited by millions of women every year, helps women take control of their health with condition-specific medical information and access to a dynamic community of world-class medical experts. The site, which is based in Scottsdale, is quickly becoming one of the largest resources for woman’s health information in the world.

People Media

The world of online dating has become a billion-dollar industry, but many of the larger players in the market tend to leave certain people feeling left out. In order to fill this need in the marketplace, Chandler-based People Media operates a variety of niche dating sites, meeting the needs of underserved groups such as African Americans, Christians, baby boomers, and single parents.


Online reviews can be helpful when looking for a new local establishment in your city, but user-generated reviews can often be hard to trust. CitySpur, a startup based in Scottsdale, was founded specifically to take the guesswork out of the online reviews experience. The company provides professionally generated reviews for each city it operates in, using a unique algorithm to compile top 10 lists for each business category.

AdOn Network

The Phoenix-based AdOn Network is one of the premier Pay Per Click advertising companies in the country. Its innovative audience-based advertising solutions allow advertisers to drive high-quality traffic that can help maximize their revenues by putting the right offers in front of the right people.

Vertical Measures

Vertical Measures is a Phoenix-based Internet marketing company that works with businesses to improve their presence on the web, and obtain higher visibility on all major search engines. By providing their clients with a higher level of quality site visitors, the company helps drive higher sales conversion rates.


SmarterTools is a software company that builds products that help automate business processes. Located in Phoenix, the company’s offerings include mail servers, help desk solutions, cost analysis, data mining, and business statistics.


Phoenix-based iLinc provides online meeting software that allows users to collaborate over shared visuals such as slides, documents, spreadsheets or websites, no matter where they are in the world. The company also offers a built-in Green Meter, which automatically computes the carbon emissions saved by meeting participants not travelling to meet in person.

The Arizona startup scene certainly includes some impressive names already, but the entrepreneurial spirit found in the state suggests that the best is yet to come: the next big tech startup could be founded in Arizona any day now.

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About Author: Amy Taylor is a technology and business writer. Amy began her career as a small business owner in Phoenix, Arizona. She has taken that knowledge and experience and brought that to her unique writing capabilities. She really enjoys new business related issues that are tied directly to technology.

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